Choosing The Right Broker

Home Selling…How Choosing the Right Broker Makes the Difference
When someone asks me what to do, or how to proceed to sell their home—I tell them –to find the right Broker and to “hold them accountable.” And that means that the licensed agent you hire is helping you with everything for an easy, stress free experience. So what do you need?

Selling a house requires three things: it requires the right price, the right home condition and of course, the perfect location for that buyer. Since we cannot change the homes location – that would be an impossible task, sellers have to concentrate on areas they can change: price and condition.

Pricing a property accurately is the #1 way to sell your home, building or business. Holding your agent accountable means not getting sucked into a pricing strategy that sounds great—but one that cannot be substantiated with recently sold properties within ½ a mile of yours. If your home is worth $250,000 but the agent says let’s start at $319,000, your chances of selling that property decrease exponentially, and you risk the loss of the real buyer for your home—who simply won’t go see it, because they don’t
know you are only testing the market.

Over pricing is a strategy that always fails, 100% of the time. So ask for 3 recently solds – average them out—and then let the agent set the price within that sold range. Condition. From the curb to the front yard, to the entrance way and beyond—everything matters. A great agent will honestly give you a punch list of things that may need to be done prior to showings. Sometimes it is very easy and inexpensive things that are what needs done—not a new roof or new mechanicals.

So ask your agent first, they will save you money. An agent has seen hundreds of transactions and knows what buyers eyes see first, and how to get you through the entire home selling process, including inspections.
Keeping the home, building or office clean is optimal. It is never easy to continue to do so, even with vacated spaces, but it has to be done. If an agent suggests a professional carpet cleaning or that the bathrooms be sanitized, don’t skimp in those areas. Clean homes sell much faster than those neglected.

Beyond cleanliness, home staging techniques and adding some furnishings, as well as ensuring the property is well lit—are other things that make it easy to sell faster and get a higher sales price. Finally—remember that you have the most equity, or money invested in the home, and you will be
receiving the most out of it (unless you are paying off a loan at closing). Often a seller will think –“oh I’ll just sell this myself,” ….and that strategy eliminates 90% of the home buyer market who are working with licensed agents and looking for professional support in the transaction.

To realize the most money for your property, hire an agent who is: participating in MLS services, active, professional, has a great track record, and one who cooperates well with other Realtors. If a Realtor is optimistic but realistic—that is the best attitude to search for in hiring.

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